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We provide skilled facilitation services, including meeting planning, workshop process design, and facilitation training.

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Certified Professional Facilitators

Looking for skilled Meeting Facilitation? Do you need an important problem solving, conflict resolution or strategic planning meeting to achieve the right kind of results?

Would your projects benefit from facilitation training that complements your project management training? Are you looking for facilitation training for you or someone in your organization? Cube 2.14, Inc. provides organizations with unrivaled meeting facilitation, meeting planning, workshop process design, and facilitation training.

Cube 2.14’s meeting facilitation and facilitation training staff has all earned the coveted MGRush “Certified Professional Facilitator” certification.

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We’ve provided facilitation services for companies just like yours:

Nyree B

Engaging, Well-spoken And Has Humor

Anil is engaging, well-spoken and has a humor about him that keeps the participants fully in-tune to the material at hand. Anil presented the material in a way that accommodated the class mix of some employees with no facilitating experience, and those with some varied exposure. All though the course was 3 days, Anil kept a good pace and we were able to get through all the course material without running over!

Nyree BProject Manager, Talent Acquisition at Discover Financial Services
Tony Baffo

Manages Group Processes Efficiently and Effectively

Anil is very effective in presentation settings, his facilitation skills are excellent and he has the ability to manage group processes efficiently and effectively. He is very adept in a presentation role and is able to change as the situation warrants in order to accomplish the objective at hand.

Tony BaffoGroup Control Manager at BP

Facilitation Trainings Available:

  • Leading Virtual Teams (LVT) – Helping managers become effective leaders of virtual teams through hands on, action oriented learning that will have an impact on the success of their team immediately!
  • Business Writing for Success – Making business writing an asset.
  • How To Treat People (HTTP) – How to manage effectively, targeted at IT Professionals.
  • Return On Health – the very first training course of its kind! Combining team development with physical fitness. This course is a must for organization that want to be proactive about having more healthy productive employees!
  • Facilitation Training – Need to train your team or a group on proven fundamentals of facilitation? This course is for you!
  • Becoming the Trainer – Train your employees to lead internal training!
  • Recognition in a Box – Give managers the only tool they will need to motivate their team to achieve their highest potential.
  • Games People Play – Working with teams and groups to understand how to be successful in office politics without selling out.
  • Team Dynamics – The fundamentals of what it takes to be a high performance team. Understanding the stages of team development and the tools to navigate through them successfully!

Keynotes and Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Games People Play – How to use your strengths to win in Office Politics
  • Leading the Next Generation
  • HTTP – How to treat people (Management 101)
  • Being an Exceptional Facilitator
  • Putting People, Process and Technology Together
  • Managing through Strengths
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Hire a facilitator, or request information about facilitation classes to improve your facilitation skills to lead JAD sessions, requirements gathering, brainstorming, issue resolution, conflict resolution, problem solving, strategic planning and any other kind of meeting.

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