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Employee Training Development for the Real World

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Employee Training Development for the Real World

Classroom instruction often plays a key role in employee professional development and training plans. Properly developed and delivered training can onboard new hires, improve employee engagement, or help roll out a change more smoothly. But traditional training methods are not always the best way to accomplish these goals.

We’ve been front-line managers. We understand that what works in the classroom doesn’t always work in the real world.

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That’s why we’ve put our own blended learning twist on our Instructional Design Consulting Services.

VR Sarti

Large Training and Development Project

I had the pleasure of working with Anil for an extremely large training and development project that included writing and presenting a large body of training. The training was skilled based, product based, policy and procedures based.

From the very beginning we sat down and laid out our ground rules on how to work together. Anil kept every agreement. He was always on time. The quality of work was superior. He contributed great ideas. And, he was a real pleasure with which to work.

At times I wondered if it was all smoke and mirrors because he was so good. Then after we put the project to bed and everyone was happy, I found out the secret about how he was able to pull all that off and make it look easy. He IS THAT GOOD.

It is a pleasure to work with someone so bright, hardworking, and committed to creating remarkable results.

VR SartiMarketing Director, Sturtevant Richmont
Nick Jones

Professional Training Materials

Anil has provided BP’s Global Compliance team with some professional training materials, has delivered a number of web and face to face training sessions and has put in place a program of regular communications. The feedback from the last round of training was that the materials had been well thought out and positioned and the sessions were well delivered. Given the dry nature of the topic this is an extremely good endorsement.

Nick JonesIT&S Compliance, Risk & Ethics Lead at BP
Lyssa Bernstein

Programs Are Always Well Received

Anil presented to the NISHRM group in 2010 and again in 2012. He is an engaging speaker and a subject matter expert. I would definitely ask Anil to speak at another program in the future.

Lyssa BernsteinHuman Resources Consultant

Every course we develop includes tangible tools and take-aways to help your employees put their training into action. Trainees gain immediate benefit and enhanced learning from our:

  • Participant Manuals that include a variety of graphics, participant activities, summaries and references,
  • Job Aids such as flash cards, business cards, CDs/tapes, mouse pads, or whatever else might be appropriate for your trainees’ needs, and
  • Follow Up to help ensure their – and your – success.

Our experience makes the difference
Our programs are fun, unique, and relevant to your employees – so you get outstanding results. You can choose to have our masterful facilitators lead your training, or we can train your own internal facilitators.

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