Change Management

We provide resources for organizations grappling with change to assess their current performance, gain commitment to a common vision, and execute their strategies.

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Organizational Change Is Easy with the Right Environment

Managing change is not just about improving compliance, increasing productivity, or decreasing costs. It’s about linking your business strategies to your people strategies. The ultimate success of any organizational change rests in the hands of your workforce. If you can get them to embrace the challenge, the success will follow.

Cube 2.14 knows how to make that happen.

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We’ve provided change management consulting services for companies just like yours:

Philip I. Waitzman

Lucky To Work With Cube 2.14

While as the Sr. National Manager of Corporate Partnerships at DeVry, I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Anil on a significant change management project. He was one of the primary consultants that developed the overall direction of the project. Anil’s ability to develop and deliver solutions in a tight timeframe under extreme pressure was impressive. He was able to communicate complex concepts to leaders and front line managers alike. This very public change to the way that the organization does business could not have been successful without the Anil’s leadership, guidance and insight. Any organization going through significant change would be lucky to work with a consultant the caliber of Anil.

Philip I. WaitzmanNonprofit and University Executive
Joe Kilbride

Comprehensive Change Program

Anil successfully developed a comprehensive change program to drive a global compliance initaitve in BP. He delivered quality training and innovative tools with limited resource and budget. Although Anil was not an expert in compliance, his knowledge of change and ability to create practical tools for the target audience led to a very successful program.

Joe KilbrideManagement Consultant

Our experience makes the difference
You need results – not fancy proposals that are better suited to a classroom than your company. We put our nearly 20 years of in-the-trenches experience to work for you with solutions are unique, practical, and designed for the real world.

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Cube 2.14 will increase your organizational effectiveness. We specialize in developing innovative, practical solutions to create productive workplaces that exceed goals.